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Dave, any updates? Have you posted a DB order thread? If so, I missed it.
For what it's worth @David O has been open to running the group buy from the beginning and had this not temporarily stalled out he would have probably taken over the group buy from me because he's a nice guy. I have no problem doing it either, but I have been very busy for the past little while and don't necessarily have the "want" to organize, just the willingness to if needed, and it seems that it's not.

I brought up the button idea because I felt that a PD dealer button was a need that has to be filled (no wants with this hobby, only need) and wanted to see if anybody else thought the same. Turns out its a project that can easily get off the ground, and thanks to atomiktoaster being a nice guy artwork was created. It's obviously stalled after the proofs were provided but it should be easy enough to get this going again.

Personally I think BGs pics look pretty damn good and very close to what the original artwork/concept was aiming at, so is putting in another order for those a possibility? I have no clue if those are OWPS or GOCC or "other", but even after (if/when) BG puts an order thread up and those are gone, is there still enough interest for another order? I feel like there probably is.

This is probably an easier question to be answered if/when BG puts a for sale thread up, but he is either very busy (i know how that goes lol) or is not wanting to talk/share much about these and in either situation we should look at other options and if we have to reassess later we can.

I'm in for two (or more if needed or there are more than two colors available) of whatever there is available as I have been from the beginning, even if the first version of the proofs no one liked were printed as is I would have bought two...
Just got back in town earlier tonight; was in KY for the past few days taking care of my Mom's elderly needs. I think we got her meds straightened out, at least for now. :rolleyes:

Gonna get the button thread up either tonight or tomorrow (I'm off work, as I returned a day earlier than planned).

Will give first shot to those who expressed interest in the group buy thread, and see how it shakes out. Hopefully everybody gets what they want, and ordering more is certainly an option (although will likely be more expensive, since these were made during GOCC's last sale period, hence the 'gun-jumping').

I have no stake in any of this, as the artwork was done by atomiktoaster (with file conversion by p5woody - thanks!), and submitted to GOCC as-is at the last minute with no tweaks, mostly just to see how they would turn out. They aren't perfect, but they aren't too bad, either.... and they stay pretty true to the gradient mocks that everybody seemed to like.
Im at work tomorrow, so might not get to the order thread tomorrow. As stated, I'm interested in two yellow buttons. Hopefully I will be able to get online while at work. :)
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