For Sale PNY starter setup for 2 table Tourney set (1 Viewer)

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Nov 4, 2014
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I'm running out of steam to finish sets I started piecing together over the years, so this ones up on the block. It still needs $500 and $1000, I was going to go with Sunfly oversize hybrids for them but just haven't got around to it. The 5 DBs are available for an extra $25 to the purchaser of the set other wise, if all chips are spoken for, $10 each shipped unless one buyer takes them all then we can work something out. Prefer to sell as a set shipped in 2 MFRB, will ship international with USPS FRB shipping deducted from international shipping. All chips are unplayed by me and as near as I can tell unplayed period....I won't call them mint, but they're as close as you can get

Prefer to sell as a set
$1425 shipped in 2 MFRB

Will split if all accounted for and priority going to larger orders

Breakdown with split prices which are what I paid for them. Shipping not included
249 x $25.......$1.75/chip (sheik617 x 100,toothpic x 149)
240 x $100.....$3.00/chip
(jhoov2412 x 20) (Hooligan350 x 220)
45 40 x $5000.....$4.60/plaque (Sambukan x 5)pending
20 15 x $25K.......$4.60/plaque (Sambuakan x 5)pending

Trades considered:
Circus Circus 818 $1 - 2 racks
AS $2 - 2 racks
AS $2.50 - 2 racks



If they dont sell I'll eventually finish em

Thanks for looking
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Splits updated. I'll give until tomorrow night on the off chance to see if anyone wants the whole set. If not i'll split what's spoken for and hold onto the rest of the plaques or list them for sale in another thread
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