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Mar 23, 2013
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A friend from work gave me some decks of cards (some still sealed) today knowing that I collect poker chips and have a few sets of cards myself. He said that he collects them and normally buys them in bricks of 24. He went into detail about how each deck is unique. I was thinking to myself, "OK now shuffle up and deal!" LOL

I never seen cards like these before...Has anyone seen these type of cards before? Are they really collectible?


Collectible, how? Are they a limited print run? If so, that would make them vaguely unique and slightly collectible. Collectible in terms of appreciating in value? Highly doubtful . . . how could "each deck" be unique if he is buying them in bricks of 24? I have seen similar cards advertised on the Cara Gails site, if memory serves.

I would classify my Playboy cards as more "collectible" then these, but it all comes down to whether or not you can find a buyer for what you've collected, right?
That's what I'm trying to figure out. Said something about limited runs, limited editions, and magician decks. Maybe he meant the regular cards he buys in bricks. I really don't know.
I am just going to use them in my games. ;)
These are definitely the ones I have seen at Cara Gails then. They are limited production runs, but that hardly makes them "collectible", at least in terms of valuation. Same could be said of WSOP decks and, while they do charge a premium for them when sold, I doubt you will find some sort of "market" out there for them.

Buy 'em cuz you want 'em or just let them go.
I got them for free so I'll just use them in my games. It was a nice gesture by the person.
I also am looking for nice friends that want to give me free poker chips... Send your friendship resume and what chips you have to offer me to my inbox :D lol

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