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Sep 2, 2022
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So a little while ago, I asked @mattross1313 to help me design some custom ceramic chips that I would eventually order through BRPro. I gave him some rough sketches of a design I had in mind, and the story behind the set.

I'm an English and Social Studies teacher at an alternative high school. My district has the highest percentage of non-native English speakers in the state of Colorado. I've worked there for 10 years, and I'm still amazed and inspired by my students. They typically come to us with massive deficiencies in reading and math, so they have to fight and claw their way to a diploma. Graduation day is my literal favorite day of the year, beating out Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and my birthday by miles.

So I wanted to make a set that commemorates the school, my colleagues, and the students we serve.

For the cash set, I wanted a 600 chip, .25/.50 set built around the school mascot (a phoenix bird) and the school colors (blue and white). So that's what I made the workhorse chips.


1 dollar.jpg

For the $5 and $25, I decided to go with traditional colors.

5 dollar.jpg

25 dollar.jpg

I decided to keep the design simple and clean. No words or lettering of any kind; just let the design do the talking. I gotta say, Matt knocked it out of the park! I just got the custom set in today, and I couldn't be happier!


I also got an Apache 3800 to store the set.

Apache setup.jpg

After we figured out the cash set, it was time for a tourney set. Again, I reached out to Matt for help with the design, and I wanted to get more ambitious with this one. I wanted the tourney set to be a true tribute to my district, not just my school. I sent Matt my new ideas and pictures of some of the other school colors and their mascots, and he went above and beyond my wildest expectations with his designs. These are intended to be 43mm, textured blanks. After handling @NotRealNameNoSir 's Ice Cardroom sample set, I was hooked instantly. I would like to get these made up through Tina (though that seems to be more difficult than I imagined), but failing that, I am also considering SunFly.

School inspiration - 1.jpg

The 25 and 100 are the two high schools in my district, and the remaining colors are from elementary schools. I wanted the 25k to be rainbow to signify all the colors of the district in one chip.

Finally, I had Matt make up a dealer button with my district's motto as the edge spot.

Dealer button - 1.jpg

Again, I couldn't have asked for a better end product, and I can't wait to get these chips into play! Another huge public shout out to Matt for making this ambitious dream a reality.
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If anyone is interested in sample sets, I’ll be listing some in the classifies. $8 + shipping for any and all who want one.
I just received my sample set and button today. This is the first time I e ever felt the Tina No Mold 43mm chip and I’m very impressed with the feel and the print quality. Hard to say anything negative especially for the price. Bonus- The Phoenix Fire design really rocks! Well done!!

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