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Aug 23, 2015
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Hi all

@RocAFella1 and I thought it might be fun to do a fantasy draft series, that can involve a number of pcf members, and still lead to a lot of chip pron.

I have totally stolen this idea from Bergs, which he did on the donkey forum a while back. Instead of being limited to 4-6 participants, it will be a world cup style knockout tournament with either 8 or 16 group rounds (depending on interested numbers) leading into a knockout stage, before the winner is crowned.

To start this off @RocAFella1 @kmccormick100 @RichMahogany and myself will battle it out to see who progresses to the knockout stages. Each of us will nominate another pcf member, to pick the other 3 members of their group. That group pick a further 4 and then the next group do the same, at which point we will have 16 groups in total. (I'm aware this is going to be a bit of a logistical nightmare, but sod it lol).

To be clear, each member within the group of 4 drafts their own mixed set and once all denoms are selected will the 4 sets will be judged by the forum and one will progress to the next round.

Remember this is just a bit of fun. The object isn't to pick the best individual chips, but to select chips that flow well together, with inlays that also fit together. Basically pick chips to form your dream mixed set. Obviously this will be entirely subjective, so please remember this is about having some fun and don't make any unnecessary comments about how this isn't a fair way to evaluate etc. I would however welcome any feedback about which rules could improve the process. I have opened this up earlier for that reason, as I've not done one of these before. I will be updating the rules until the point at which first drafting occurs. Which will be some time on Saturday 30th.

• Each participant must pick a mixed set of 5 chips in a way that feels most pleasing to them as a mixed set. $1, $5, $20/$25, $100 are mandatory. The final choice can be either a frac or a $500.
• Chips must broadly be in Las Vegas colours (mostly that comes to down to red $5 and black $100), fracs can be $0.25 or $0.50 and you can use a $20 or $25.
• Draw will be determined however the group wishes, but picks must be made one at a time, denom by denom.
• Once each member has drafted the first denom, the next denom pick will be in reverse order.
• Once a chip has been drafted no other member of that group can use it.
• Chips can be on any mold you wish (but be aware the masses are probably going to down vote you for mixing molds).
• Chips do not have to be live, and can be fantasy or whatever you wish. They do not even need to be Paulson, and can even be plastic :eek:
• You can only include one chip per casino/fantasy set in your lineup

Please post any comments below about rules you think should be implemented. I will decide whether I like them or not :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:. I'm probably going to have to setup separate threads as well with the voting and such, since this will end up being fairly large by the end, so i'd also appreciate any thoughts on the best way to optimise this (maybe each new group sets up their own thread for the picks and votes).

Just remember this is for a bit of a laugh, and hopefully a good way to get 64 separate members involved in the competition. If it works out, I'm hoping to continue on with them with a cali set draft, plastic set draft, tourney set and so on.

For an added incentive and to keep this in good spirits, I'm going to suggest that each group donate 1 random chip of their choice, which will go to the overall winner. Maybe the winner of each group can donate it, that way it's kind of like paying an ante. (Up to each group though)

Since it's my idea, it's only fair that I pony up, so the offering for group 1 is
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Miss the fantasy drafts, best part of the short lived forum. Too bad it’s been excluded
Anyone interested in spending some time on this, please PM me your qualifications ... I have at least one slot open. :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
I'm thinking it might best easiest to determine interest if people just post whether they'd like to participate and pick a draft set.

Maybe thats a better way to determine groups.

Lets do a dibs listing :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
$ denoms. Tourney/ncv will likely get their own draft.

@RichMahogany you been getting your prep done? We can basically start whenever you feel ready.

Yessir! I thought we were starting on Saturday? Been a busy week because of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states. So do I make my chip pick first or my nomination?
Yessir! I thought we were starting on Saturday? Been a busy week because of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states. So do I make my chip pick first or my nomination?
Saturday is fine, whenever you are ready.

I've definitely not been overthinking this and definitely don't already have 4 possible sets lol

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