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SOLD PCA Secondary (1 Viewer)

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Feb 15, 2017
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As I promised here later in this thread, I would post the actual sale price of these chips once the deal was complete.
So after a bit more valuation research and negotiations with the buyer, we settled on these values for the PCAs.
He was not interested in the 300 Jack $1s so I still have them if someone is interested.

DenominationQuantityPer ChipPer RackTotal

I hope this transparency encourages others to do the same and share their final sale prices, helping others price chips in the future.


WHO: me (arch3r)

WHAT: PCA secondary set w/ Jack Cincy $1s - all mint
100 x $0.50
300 x $1 ( Jack Cincy )
300 x $5
80 x $25
20 x $100

WHERE: Exclusively here in the PCF Classifieds

WHEN: Now, until sold or I come to my senses.

WHY: Well, I have not put these chips into play but once in the last 5 years ( and only the $5s of the current offering at that ) and I just don't see me getting them into play anytime soon and I'm tired of just having them on the shelf just looking pretty. Hoping someone will buy them, love them and make sure they see some action. ( Plus it'll free up some chip capital for other projects. )

PRICE: I had them listed a while back over-priced because I really did not want to really sell them but if someone was willing to pay it, I'd have let them go. But now I'm more comfortable selling and I think the number for the 800 chip set, including the 2 dealer buttons, deck of PCA cards, and some plaque samples ( I have a few others besides the ones pictured below ) is... $7800. If you don't like that number, make me an offer. Worst thing I say no.

SPLITS: Not at this time. If the set does not sell as a whole, I may consider splits or I'm just going to sell/auction off the pieces myself.

DIBS: Not a dibs sale. I reserve the right to sell, or not sell, to whomever I choose.

SHIPPING: Paid by the buyer. Insurance will be the responsibility of the buyer as well. Would rather keep it to CONUS, but will consider shipping abroad.

PAYMENT: PayPal Friends and Family.

PRON: enjoy!

There is a single Jack chip labeled as a $1 PCA. It's just a label over so I could see how it looks, fantastic BTW. The Jack's are 100% unmurdered.





Minty PCAs for $7800. Get them before I change my mind.
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If no one wants the $25s they’re pretty. I have no idea what they go for though.
What does "complete" mean? Is that when you stop buying chips for a set for a while because you've convinced yourself you don't need any more knowing you'll convince yourself to buy more later?
Nailed it. (Interested in a rack of $5 and barrel of$100).
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