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Mar 21, 2019
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MINT rack.

$170 USD + shipping
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EDIT : the hundo above is NOT INCLUDED, or for sale.
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Are these the only leaded RHC's ever made?
Are these the only leaded RHC's ever made?
Not even sure. Don't even want to really sell..maybe I'll cancel once I collect my mind..

I just know I'll never be able to complete a PCA. Don't want it bad enough to give up my other chips so on the block they go. It was a dream!
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looks familiar ;)

nope, tons of them
Thanks Paul for selling me these amazing chips. I truly want to keep them, but I know in my heart, I'm hoarding.

I can't see myself getting into PCAs, despite my desire to have a set.

The wonderful hundo you gave me is priceless and could never be sold! I cherish that chip you gifted me.
Do tell...
Aww bummer I was looking forward to the free lesson lol

most Paulsons made prior to 1998 had lead

Paulson lead content:
- pre '98 most colors were 47% lead (by weight)
- '98-'06 most colors were >1% lead (except for 7 colors which were still the old 47%)
- post '06 basically zero lead
Officially, the colors that still had 47% lead between '98-'05 were:
Blurple, Day green, Fuschia, Indian Blue, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver
I'm thinking about about adding onto my PCA's, not because I need them for games but just because I want to fill up the birdcage. But also trying to keep chip funds in reserve... I'll give it some time to see if anyone needs but this thread will be in the back of mind, for now.

My first chipset I didn't complete. Hate to sell, and regret already, but that's this hobby. What was I gonna do with them in a dark case locked away!

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