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Nov 7, 2014
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I'm doing some organizing of my chips and thought I'd see if anyone wants to deal? Here is what I have,

SOLD>>>>>>299 Paulson Solids -- I was going to do a label project. I have since decided against it. Notice that one of the yellows is a chip I obtained to make it an even 50 yellows (same mold/size). There are 99 red chips. I was just taking pics for a possible sale and saw a sneaky red chip. There is a pic of it below
I'm interested in trading for these. Tell me what you'd like to trade. (Will sell for 105 plus shipping/fees)

AVAILABLE>>>>>>>100 Aruba Palm Beach $5 --(Will sell for 150 plus shipping/fees)

SOLD>>>>>>>>>100 $5 Scandia Chips -- I bought these with the thoughts they were the same red color as my other $5 chips. They are not

Trades on these too (Will sell for 105 plus shipping/fees)

SOLD! 100 50c President SOLD! -- I bought 300 total and hand selected the best 200 for my set. These are the last to get picked in the kick-ball game.
I'm open to trades on these.(Will sell for 49 plus shipping/fees)

TRADED!20 Casablanca $100'sTRADED! -- I'm looking for some other $100 Paulson on the same mold. But, I'm open to whatever

A couple things I'm specifically looking for:
5 Aruba Palm Beach $100's as seen in picture
10-20 Ambassador Plaza $500's
Paulson sample sets

IMG_2913.JPGIMG_2920.JPGIMG_2924.JPGaruba 100.jpgIMG_2936.JPGIMG_2939.JPGIMG_2942.JPGIMG_2943.JPGIMG_2944.JPGIMG_2945.JPGIMG_2947.JPG


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Good question. I'm not sure. It's like a dark brown /black/ gold mix. I'm sure someone else knows exactly what color they are.
thanks.........was considering it, but after consulting with my chip guy I just don't think it would flow well with my set.
AHHH... Always too late... If the deal for the PCA fracs fall through, I will buy them.

And got line-jumped by a lurker, no less... Shame on me...
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