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Mar 26, 2013
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Paulson Vineyard $100 - 2 stacks available

Hi all !
Here is for sale a part of my Paulson Vineyard set.
Shipping from France with tracking and max insurance and paypal fees not included
You can contact me here or via email

40 x $100 : VGC or Mint -> 160 € / $180

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Many thanks Don Clay :eek:
I don't participate enough here to be known, my fault, but not enough time in a day...
I think you might be better selling the $500 individually over a few months.

Many need that chip for there sample set.
I got to play with Vineyards when we had our weekly game back in the day. These are awesome chips. GL with the sale.
Thanks Tommy !
It's not done already but I hope they will go to this nice French buyer. He needs reflexion obv, it's not a simple mug :rolleyes:
$1 are sold !

Change my mind on $20 and $100 will keep a few finally :)

$20 : 1 stack available : 100€ or $130
$100 : 2 stack available : 90€ or $115 / stack
According to €/$ rate decrease, price is now $105 / stack
Still 2 stacks available !
Nice sale. I vouch as well for Frenchipper. He is a well known highly appreciated member of the French poker chips enthusiasts.
Thanks Loupblanc aka whitewolf :)

I really want to lock this so make me an offer !
These bad guys needs a new home ;)
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