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Not Mine Paulson Vineyard Casino $500 Chips (1 Viewer)


Mar 25, 2013
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The lady selling these is legit, but should sharpen her eBay skills a little. Making threats is not the best way to sell something. Her prices have been all over the place with these. The market is not like it used to be for these anymore IMO. Real casino chips come to the market now, back then, not so much.


I am selling 20 of the rare and highly valuable Paulson vineyard casino $500 poker chips. They are valued at $300 per chip..these are the last of the $500 chips that I will be selling forever, you will never see them being sold for a price like this again so get them while you can because its your only and last chance
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I don't think that's a threat. She is just really making it clear that these are the last of them at that bargain price! :p
I think if she put together small cash game sets with the other demons that she has, they would sell much easier. IMO the $500's are single chip sellers. Great for those who need it to complete their sample set.

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