Wanted Paulson Vineyard $5 / Ceramic casino $2 (1 Viewer)

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Nov 7, 2014
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I'm looking for the following 2 items:

1. 2 x Paulson Vineyard $5 chips mint / uncirculated to finish my heads-up set

2. 1 Rack (100 chips) of $2 ceramic chips. I have a set of Hard Rock Albuquerque chips and the group I am currently playing with are used to having a $2 chip. I am looking for a rack of ceramic $2 chips to go with this set, preferably from a casino but am open to a fantasy/home chip if the colors are right. A Hard Rock chip would be best but the Iron Horse $2 would also fit the set.
Ho-Chunk Wisconsin Dells uses brownish/tan-ish $2s w/ yellow spots (I think?) in their poker room - made by GameOn Chip Company. Chipguide has pictures. I could try to get a rack if they would interest you - no promises though.
Thanks. I'll bear that in mind and may get back to you - it's a pretty plain chip so would go well with any set. That Paulson RHC $2 that is listed looks like a nice chip too
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