For Sale Paulson THC Hotel Colon and Quito sample sets and barrels (3 Viewers)

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Sep 30, 2016
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for sale,

I have 10x of these sample sets for sale. I plan on cleaning and oiling each sample set before sending it out unless the buyer doesnt want me to.

All are in exellent or better condition with sharp edges. I think the only ones that have seen play are the blaze.

Price is 75 dollars shipped in the US for each sample set.


I also have two barrels of the red, green, fuscia, black, and grey chips for sale.

price is as follows

40x red 200 dollars shipped

40 x green 240 dollars shipped

40x fuschia 240 shipped

40x black 240 shipped

40x grey 240 shipped


chips are not perfect and some could use a light scrub and some oil. Sharp edges though on all the barrels.

i believe the red, and black are right around 10g the greys are around 11g. the fuschia and green are between 9 and 10gs. I can check weights though if you need exact.

prices are OBO and will drop if they dont sell.


I’m so curious about these shaped inlay greens. Why do they seem to have shading outside the outer edges of the inlay / recess? If it’s dirt, it’s an odd accumulation.

I have racks of a few of these and I can confirm that the greys are heavy. I don't have a scale, but the rack of greys is noticeably heavy compared to other chips that I have.
I couldn’t decide between the greys and Fuscha’s - they are both awesome!!
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