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Jul 7, 2015
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300 Paulson Pharaohs Club NCV chips for sale. These are in great shape with sharp edges and minimal signs of wear. They look much brighter and better in person than they do in these cell phone pics. There is light color transfer on some of the chips. Racks shown are not included. I could include a mediocre 500 chip case for the cost of shipping if someone wanted it.

Breakdown is:

80 - ($5) Red
100 - ($25) Green
60 - ($100) Black
40 - ($500) Purple
20 - ($1000) Yellow/Orange

I have extras of every color except black and could provide a slightly different breakdown or additional chips.

SOLD for the set with Paypal F+F. Buyer pays shipping, should be around $12 for Priority in the US, PM for international shipping options. I've been on CT for years and have sold many sets over there.





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Haha, the thought has crossed my mind ... Trust me ... but im trying to finish off my current Paulson Fan of Cards set.
These are the last of my Paulson FOC. If you happen to need these I'd sell them. Or throw them in with the Pharaohs...

Did you happen to have this for sale on eBay earlier? I was watching a sale that recently ended by the seller, and was just wondering?
Very nice.. few months ago I would have picked these up, but now already have over 1000 Pharaohs.
fyi looks like you mistakenly added an extra 20 chips to $25s in the description.. 120 - ($25) Green - should be 100
fyi looks like you mistakenly added an extra 20 chips to $25s in the description.. 120 - ($25) Green - should be 100

Thanks, that's fixed.

If someone commits to buying these in the next hour I'll throw in the extra 20 Greens :)
Don't know who purchased the set, but am interested in trading Pharaoh $100s for Pharaoh black NCVs 1:1. My $100s are in excellent condition and I will send pix if anyone is interested.
Everyone who has contacted me on these chips is after the NCV blacks. What's the story with these, was there a shortage of black at some point? Just curious, I've been out of the loop on chips for a few years.
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