For Sale Paulson Lucky 21 Casino house mold cash set - 850 chips including $1s (1 Viewer)

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Jul 21, 2022
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Santa Clarita, CA
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Splitting up my 1800+ chip cash set as we never play more than 2 tables. Cutting it almost in half so making a full 2nd set available.

These chips are all casino used and have been washed, but not oiled. Included in this set is a rack of the unicorn $1 chips that are almost impossible to find. I paid a pretty penny for the 1s that I have.

I am not splitting this set up unless all of the chips are accounted for.

Breakdown is:

100 -$1s
320 - $5s (20 are Chinese new year version)
330 - $25s
100 - $100s

Price is $1900 shipped CONUS. I will ship elsewhere but buyer pays shipping. PPFF or Venmo.

I think I recognize these chips!

GLWS and I hope the new owner enjoys them as much as I did!

Yeah, although they got mixed with my set so those are probably half yours and half mine... lol. I am keeping a 1000 chip set of the Lucky 21s for myself and some will hit the felt this Saturday actually. I just have no need for 1800+ chips in a single set. lol
Weekend bump! Great set that doesn't come up too often and especially in these numbers. The 1s almost never come up.
I hope someone picks these beauties up before I can afford to get in on the split (the black, 2 greens, one red) sometime after a wedding that’s busting me ATM

These really are a great set. Leaving these up a little longer but thinking out pulling them and putting them back with the rest of my Lucky 21s and keeping a large 4 table set.
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