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Not Mine Paulson Color Sample set on Ebay (1 Viewer)


INTERESTING BIDDER HISTORY ON THE BUYER ........... No bids in the last 30 days...

Did he bid the whole time? I started in the $200 range. Then I wrote the guy and he said he didn’t know the value. He doesn’t asK me what I think it’s worth. I was never the high bidder that I recall. Maybe at $420 then it went nutty. Then I got axed around 500 then it goes to 1500. This set actually used, dirty, and not complete. I just wanted two chips was good to dump the rest. No way a member here grabbed that. Had to be a one off maniac. I’ve been there. I once paid over $60 for one purple viva. The week after someone sent my 5 for free. I think karma and my integrity wins long run and I I try to stick by that even when I built a wall case to display this set in my poker room once complete.
Wow wow wow $750 for 80 chips. What in the world is stopping me from selling my incomplete? (I have a 80+ and 89)

The fact they are f*****n sweet.

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