SOLD Paulson Classics $1000 *FREE*

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Mar 21, 2019
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Hey All!

I've reached 3000 Posts. It seems each 1000 gets less significant and it's more about the connections, chatter with friends, and learning about hosting for me.

I've got a nice minty single Paulson Classics $1000 chip I'll send for free, along with a few other items I'll throw in. See pictures:)

Giveaway rules for entry :

your join date must be June 1, 2019 or later and say "in" (give or take 90 days:rolleyes:)

at approximately 530pm EST tomorrow, I'll "generate a number" based on how many people post interest, and assign a winner.

**Please, if you are international, you can enter, but there would be some shipping charges. Sorry.**

good luck! Thanks everyone! I LOVE PCF and I'll be planning a much larger giveaway at the end of March for my 1 year celebration! I'm broke and my wife is pissed at me, but I've got a massive collection of chips and I can eat my heart out with hosting. That was the main reason I ever came here! Here's to 3000 more!
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