Paulson chips with different front and back colors (2 Viewers)

Marius L

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Oct 23, 2015
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Oslo, Norway
Picked up some cool chips the other day. (well technically they are still in the US at my buddy @Ethans place)

I have seen these before once or twice, but never in quantity and never any other than this version with Charlie Endy's business card on it. Anyone have a name for this "spot"? And does anyone know of other chips with the same spot?

And lastly, anyone have an idea on how to use them other than just having one for the hell of it? I was thinking I could relabel them and make some fun seating /bounty chips for two tables, with one side being seat and table number and one side being bounty. Could do one set of "red table" and one set for "blue table" and the opposite side being bounties. Any other ideas or info on these?


Wow I have never seen those before. Already impressed with the compression molding process and this seems like it would require twice as much manual work per chip.

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