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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
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Total new blue $1 chips available: 1,240
Price: $1 per chip, plus actual shipping and Paypal fee (if paying by Paypal)
. Chips will remain 100-percent refundable / redeemable for their face value of $1.

Place your order by e-mail to:



Ordering 100 chips with a US address:
Chip cost: 100 x $1 = $100
Shipping cost: $11.60 (Two USPS Priority mail boxes)
Total cost:$111.60 if paid by check sent by mail.
Using Paypal, please add $3.63 in Paypal fees. Paypal total: $115.24

Ordering 100 chips from Canada:
Chip cost 100 x $1 = $100 (US)
Shipping cost: $41.10
Total cost: $141.10 if paid by check sent by mail
Using Paypal, please add $6.04 in Paypal fees. Paypal total: $147.14 US

Other locations? I will invoice you for the order total, including shipping and Paypal fees. Please allow a couple of days. This is a busy, busy week!

Why are we adding for Paypal? Since we're only charging $1 per chip for these new $1 chips, and they're returnable for $1 at any time, we need to be covered on the transaction costs.

Shipping is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 27, 2014. All packages will be by Priority Mail or Priority Mail International insured boxes. One hundred chips will ship in two small boxes, as it's more cost-effective due to the cost of insurance.
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They look great! Always liked a blue $1 chips vs a white one.
They look great! Always liked a blue $1 chips vs a white one.

Thanks! They came out really, really well.

The new blue $1s remind me of the old Aladdin chip from the 1950s with the genie on it. Still can't find a picture, but I remember seeing it online once. If anybody has one of those old Aladdin's, it's worth a fortune.
Am I too late to be the first to order some of these? Trying to keep my streak alive! =-)

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