SOLD One Rack of IG $1s - $140 (2 Viewers)

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Nov 22, 2018
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500 $1s, 180 $100s

See photos for condition. Was cherry picked from an extremely large amount direct from TCR. These have to be as near mint as possible for $100s.

3 Racks of $1s left - $160 per rack

1 Barrels of $100s left - $70 per barrel

1 Rack of IG $1s left - $140


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Trade fell through, other chips weren’t murdered yet and I don’t want to slice my sausages.

Back to 3 Racks of $1s
2 Barrels of $100s

$1s reduced to $175 per rack + shipping!

Wont go lower, if they aren’t selling at that (lowest I’ve seen) then I’m a buyer for 4 more fantastic condition racks to have a limit set.
I say last price drop but is it? Probably not.

I don’t like bumping for weeks. They were already the lowest priced IG $1s and in better shape than all others.

Now they’re…still the lowest priced IG $1s and still in better shape than all others.

$160 a rack.
Another barrel pending. Only 1 barrel remaining for hundos.
Good on ya! These chips are severely underrated.

I even tried to sell mine for $325 for a whole rack of excellent, and nobody even looked at them.

They can make great hundos as is, or amazing $1 relabels (for all the black $1 lovers out there), or great quarters too.
If I’ve understood this correctly, I’m getting a $20/rack discount.


So if it’s $140/rack, I’ll take 2 racks.
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