Official Home Game Pics Thread! (22 Viewers)

Mixed games tournament Champion!!! Booyeah baby!!
Fortnightly 50c/50c NLHE game with bomb pots following every monotone flop. Full house of 18.

Was a rollercoaster of a night. Was up to $350 at one point and got all-in with AA vs 77 but they spiked a set and that was that :cry:

Managed to claw some back though so better than a kick in the teeth!

IN for $200.
OUT for $167.

0.5/1E tonight at the Athenian Owl Club, 8-handed with strong and very aggressive guest players and more than 2.2K E on the table.
In for 70E, out for 320E
In play, the famous Horseshoe PESTA 1895 CPC hot-stamps (HHR mold), an intended tourney set that had to at last see some felt as cash (denoms as cents) in the abscence of tourneys.

Pok June 24_IMG_0297.jpg
Pok June 24_IMG_0299.jpg

This poor little thing didn't have the chance to play; it's been the source of inspiration for the whole set, though:
Pok June 24_IMG_0300.jpg

A healthy stack of mine
Pok June 24_IMG_0304.jpg

Quads (not mine)
Pok June 24_IMG_0305.jpg

Straight flush (the victim pulled out in time)
Pok June 24_IMG_0306.jpg

Various types of Greek card players:p:LOL: :laugh:
Pok June 24_IMG_0301.jpg
Man that's fun. Just 7 card stud, hi/lo? Went to a home game and one of the gentleman was calling 5 card stud, first and last card dealt face down. Not a bad game.
We played a rotation of STUD variations; hi, hi/lo, Razz, Tahoe Pitch and Roll, etc. Did a rotation + 1, then moved on the the next game. After we played all 7 variants, opened it up to Dealer’s Choice, which included some low Chicago and other games.

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