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May 17, 2020
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Are they worth anything?
Idk if you just have this sample, or a bunch more.

Easiest way to find recent pricing would be to search the site for scandia, and check out recent sales. In short, these chips are awesome! And if you have a bunch, your set is worth a pretty penny.

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Are they worth anything?
There are a few different versions of these chips -- made using the THC mold, made using the web mold mold, chips with round inlays, and chips with shaped inlays.

All were produced by Paulson using leaded materials in the mid-late 1990s, and sold as home market fantasy sets (there is no real Scandia Casino, in Norway or elsewhere).

The THC mold chips with shaped inlays are the most desired, and command the highest prices -- generally around $2-$3 per chip on average in quantity dependent upon condition, although the $500 chips in mint condition can sell for higher.

I have 54 of the 1 dollar chips (3 with fading labels on one side due to sun exposure, 52 %$ ones -- about 9 with fading labels on one side, 35 of the $25 Chips (2 fading), 38 of the $100 Chips (2 fading) and 40 of the 500 Chips - (2 Fading). What should I put the set on eBay for minimum bid?
Wait until you have 10 posts on PCF, then list the 200+ chips here in the classifieds using a three-day auction format starting at $200 with $5 bid increments. You'll get a fair market price, pay no fees, and the chips will go to a fellow chip enthusiast. Win-win-win.
Wow that is a pretty weird breakdown how did you end up with chips in this quantity? GLWS though

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