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David Spragg

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Mar 9, 2014
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As some of you may know I run a chip show in Las Vegas, first Friday & Saturday of February every year.

The show takes place at Gold Coast Casino, Las Vegas 2nd & 3rd Feb 2024

Well, I had an idea. I’d like to offer some free tables for PCFer’s (and anyone else) to come and meet each other, and me, and display some of their own chips (samples or even sample sets) and engage with the rest of the chip collecting community.

Then I planned to arrange a get together in my suite at South Point Casino on the Friday evening (could even repeat it on the Saturday) where I will bring some CPC production related things, and chips I have made, that you will have never seen before and will talk to attendees to answer as much as I can about what goes on in the factory. My business partner David Sarles will be there also.

Feel free to post here or PM me if you are interested, and feel free to share this post in other areas of PCF.
That gathering in your suite would be nicer if there was a poker table involved ;)
Actually I was thinking we could probably organise that elsewhere on one of the days.
I need at least half a dozen attendees for it to be worthwhile me setting this all up.

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