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Nov 22, 2022
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Hello everyone,

Humble greeting from the South Eastern USA. I've always loved casino chips, and pocketed a few from every casino I've been to over the years. I have maybe 25 chips from my travels across various US casinos. My favorite from an aesthetic perspective are from the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ.

Now that I work remote and I am glued to my desk for a number of hours today, I often find myself wanting something to fidget with to help pass the time. I am far from a pro but I am trying to learn how to shuffle poker chips like WSP players. It's become kind of a tick for me. My colleagues have fidget spinners etc but there's something attractive about the weight, feel, and sound of a poker chip that can't be beat. I ordered some generic chips from an auction site and was disappointed. Felt like checkers chips.

I thought forums went out of style, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see what appears to be an active community here. I stopped using forums maybe in 2014, one dedicated to a sports car I owned at the time.

I recently bought a few single chips off an auction site from casinos abroad, including my first plaque from a now defunct casino. This encouraged me to research how to buy chips other than going to a casino or paying an abused per-chip price on auction sites.

Looking forward to learning more about chips and maybe buying a modest set that will give me something to play with during my boring desk job. Pleasure to meet you all.

With the introduction out of the way I see there are minimum posting requirements to participate in classifieds. Besides talking about my budding chip interest, what do most folks discuss here?
Hello and welcome!

We talk about all sorts of stupid stuff, like spending the equivalent of the GDP of a developing nation on colourful shaped pieces of plastic and mineral with funny numbers and letters and pictures on them.

But I'm not bitter.
Welcome to PCF! You will find many robust discussions ranging from poker chips to BBQ, beer, whiskey, watches, cars, crypto…you name it. Dive in and enjoy.
Folks, this right here is how the addiction begins. You can watch it in real time. :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:

Seriously, welcome to PCF and what has become a true fixation for a lot of us!

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