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Mar 23, 2013
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Are these the original guys behind the Crazy Horse chips on Milano blanks?
Are you going to be getting the wsop cards again this year?
Hey Moose.

We currently have the WSOP 2011 cards as well as the WSOP 2013 playing cards available. Both are manufactured by the United States Playing Card Co. This year Modiano is the official playing card supplier of the World Series of Poker. We are hoping to have the opportunity to purchase the unused cards from this years event.

As you may know there has been some controversy in regards to the Modaino cards used in this years event. Whenever you have a bunch of players who are not sleeping properly, not eating properly and losing pots to newbees chances are some complaints will be made about almost everything. Modiano cards are great. We look forward to the opportunity to stock them late this year.
Well, at least they aren't crooked.

Welcome to the new sponsor!
Hi All,

Just wanted to post my experience with @StraightPokerSupplies since I don't see them around here too often (and would like to give a sponsor some airtime). I've purchased 1,700 Crazyhorse China clays within the past year to use as my travel set and most recently picked up a rack of new $25 National Poker Series chips (they were pretty much the last vendor in the world to have them new). With my most recent purchase, Charly threw in a setup of the 2015 Modiano WSOP cards (they bought a bulk order of them), which was very generous.

I had the opportunity to play around with them and, in my completely non-expert opinion, they feel a ton better than my old 2008 Kem WSOP cards. Both packs were wrapped and didn't appear to be warped or marked at all (a stark contrast to the 2008 cards). The bridge-sized cards felt thinner and slicker than my poker-sized Platinum Acetate's, but I don't own any other Modiano's for comparison. I'm including some pics so you can have a visual.

Anyway, let's hope that SPS decides to offer a PCF discount on these cards because those who have collected these WSOP cards may want pick up a setup or two. ;)

Thanks SPS and Charly!


Welcome fellow Torontonian. Have ordered birdcages and cases from these fine folks, that I could never order from the US due to shipping costs.
Hurray welcome! I browse your site often and drool / dream...

But now I think I'll order some cards to complement my ~5 year old Copags :)

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