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Dec 31, 2023
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Tualatin, OR
New member here posting. Can't respond to any discussions yet, and probably can't respond to this yet because I haven't posted enough yet. I live in the Portland OR area, host a game on occasion, and I'm looking into saving up for, and creating a custom set. Used to do a tournament home game, however currently switched over to a cash game, and would like a cash game set. I got a cheaper set of the ultimate poker chips around 15 to 20 years ago. They worked just fine for my tournament, however I tried to buy some additional chips for a cash game and noticed how poor the quality is now. The stickers are the same, but the dye, edges, etc is so much worse now that I can't even bring myself to mixing the new with the old. Lots of good info in this group, and I've been presented with a good reason to buy some custom chips. I've had games for almost 20 yrs, so it should be a worthwhile investment.
Welcome! Portland, OR here. I host games too. Decided to get back on PCF after a long hiatus. Decided to build a new cash set from Casino Paulsons. It's been difficult not to go overboard with purchasing chips cause I just see so many I want now! lol
Congrats on your new set! I'd like to think whatever set I build will be my "forever set", but I know better. It probably won't be

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