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Mar 26, 2024
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Columbus Ohio
Just joined the forum, been an avid tournament poker player for years. Just upgraded my go to chip set of Chipco ceramic, Chrystal Oyster casino chips, to a great set of Paulson Casino de Isthmus chips. I browsed this forum before I purchased them and believe they are the 2005 run, can anyone help confirm this?
Hello and welcome!

These CDI are not Paulson, but BCC (Blue Chip Company) version.
Agreed and absolutely amazing breakdown for the ole T5 based tourney! Beautiful chip set right there @GeoffH that's a keeper set for sure. There are those around here that would say BCC is a step down from Paulson, they had some GC issues... but man when they got it right they trully made some amazing chips! I myself own 3 different sets of BCCs and enjoy felting them every chance I get.

I am one of the larger 05 Paulson set owners

Welcome to the CDI owners family
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Fellow Chipper Ben
Wow! Most people come here looking for an upgrade to dice chips, you hit the ground running. Welcome and congrats on a great set.
Thanks for the information. Blue Chip Company, not Paulson. Regardless, they are awesome chips, near mint condition with sharp edges and no wear.
So did BCC make different styles of this chip? It looks like some have shell like impressions on their molds, these are smooth with sharp edges
Normalny I would say "Run" but I guess it's to late for you....
Great set of CDI

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