New from Leeds England Hello Mighty USA ;-) (1 Viewer)

Welcome to PokerChipForum!
How many more accounts are you going to create?

You need a time out.

How many Andy Dufrenses are registered on PCF?!? 37,926+1?!?!

Them Dufrenses can breed alright
Thank you... Something seemed off with him and his PNYs and 70,000 chips. Story wasn't adding up, and weird conspiratorial posts... Probably some sort of mental health issues?
At least we got John boy's avatar forever as Sam Elliot instead of the bitter beer face fool that it started out as
Ok, question... Has the IP been banned, or just his individual accts? Seems like his MO is to create numerous accts, so do we just have to be on the watch for bizarre posts/people from the UK?

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