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Mar 16, 2016
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You about few months too late on the topic

I sus there’s already a batch of those in production or at the second production cycle now for TinaHC mold

Well, since you're asking....

I think these "TinaHC" or whatever this hat and cane mold is called, is just asking for trouble. Not just because this could be some kind of copyright or trademark infringement that could bring the GPI lawyers, but because this could also dupe new chippers in to thinking they are getting genuine Paulsons and not knowing any better.
I saw that there was talk of a similar mold of cowboy hats with arrows sticking through them. I actually thought that was pretty funny. I just don't like that the "tribute" idea is now copying GPI molds. New chippers don't know much, but most know that Paulsons have some kind of tophat and a cane mold. I feel like this will break that trust and may drive some new people away.

Will people do it anyway?
I think its fun for the individual, and really bad for the community. It caters to a demographic that would have a negative impact on the community at large. These chips have a short lifespan and for the ABOVE average user, molds are the first indication of the quality of chips, this helps to obfuscate quality and servers to confuse others.

I like to think of these chips in the way I would think of a 1/2 drunk redneck with a motor bike, and an American flag for a cape, begging for attention while he tries to compete with Evil Knievel in his back yard. Spoiler it ends badly.

I do like the yellow Hardwell 5, it looks good.

I don't mean to flame anyone, I just don't think its good in the mid-term for people or the community.

I do want to Thank you for sharing!
Do they want a lawsuit? Cuz that’s how you get a lawsuit.
Wow... came out better than I would have expected. Good enough to dupe someone on Fee Bay using poor quality pics probably.
Great news for scammers. I can't see who else would want them. Ok tribute sets - fair enough. But if you went as far as getting the mold as well, doesn't that just make them *more* like cheap copies? Sort of the more you try to be something you're not, the more desperate you look, because most tributes aren't trying to be the real thing, whereas these are? Like the poker chip equivalent of a fake Rolex.
I think plenty of people will get them, but they'll just do it on the down-low considering how many people seem dead-set against them.
To the untrained eye of a regular person, if you did a WSOP copy(no problem in China) and sell lots of home sets. Does that devalue the real thing? Not to us, but to the guy who just got them for a steal,lol, ….
“Fauxraohs” spot patterns and mold are quite different from the originals, whereas the “TinaHCs” are trying their best to be 1:1 ripoffs as far as I can tell.

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