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For Sale My HUGE Matsui WPS tournament set (even bigger price drop) (1 Viewer)

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May 18, 2015
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Last time I counted it was 1578 chips. Perfect for three tables of 9 players each with extras for a ton of rebuys (pic is 27 players T10k). Also has a single table of 10 players super high roller denominations, three sets of table seating chips (1 to 10), all in chips, bounty chips, and rebuy chips. A bunch of the chips were lightly sanded to remove some slickness, however not all of them were done. Any denomination that was changed as well as the bounty chips are thick label replacements. The seating number chips are label overs (all from Gear). Racks will be included for shipping (easier to wrap and pack them)

Splits if they are all accounted for :) (150/rack + shipping)

25 ----- 220
100 ---- 245
500 ---- 183
1k ----- 211
5k ----- 204
25k ---- 214
100k --- 66
500k --- 21
1M ----- 5
bounty - 79
seat --- 34
all-in -- 30
rebuy -- 66

Shipping only to the USA, pickup always an option. $2300 $1800 shipped. Paypal F&F only for payment or cashola if you come get them in NH :)

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oh, and yes, they got played a couple times. However I don't host a lot and when I do, its mostly cash (especially limit cash games). And I fell in love with card mold chips which is why these are going and my Vegas house mold cash set sold off last fall :(
price drop. They are getting cheap :)

splits are also an option for $150/rack + shipping
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