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Not Mine My custom dollar (1 Viewer)

I was gonna bid on that but I guess I missed it in the 50000000 chips they had listed
they got a HUGE lot of chips from David Spragg
They also seem to have an endless supply of these ASM / Borland / ALL chips lately

Wish Id have bid higher. If I knew it was yours Id have sent it back gratis. I guess I skipped
that one. It was one of the cooler ones too
Chips N Cats buys lots and sells them off as singles every Sunday. There will likely be more next Sunday.
story of my life
I pay $6 one week, then the next week two more and its $1.50
The stuff next week is mostly sunfly and some duplicate borland stuff

they got a crapton of stuff from David Spragg like ALL his extra stuff and theyve been selling
for months and still going.

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