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May 18, 2013
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Since Iron Man 3 is already out, for me it absolutely has to be Man of Steel. Zack Snyder directing, Nolan overseeing.. oh yeah, it's gonna be amazing. What other movies are you looking forward to?

EDIT: Also uh oh, spelling error in title. Incoming grammar missles :(
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Seeing "The Great Gatsby" this afternoon. (My favorite book.) I have high hopes for this movie, but I've heard both good and bad reviews.
The new Star Trek is a must watch movie for this year. I saw Iron Man 3 and it's an extraordinary movie.
Just saw IM3 . . . have to say it had the feel of a "wrap it up" movie. doubt we see Downey after Avengers 2. Looking forward to Man of Steel, despite never really being a Superman (or DC) guy. Has the potential to make DC a player in the genre. Thor: Dark World looks okay, but my daughter has the hots for Chris Hemsworth so I have no choice. Perhaps the one movie I am anticipating like no other is Ender's Game. Lots of Oscar calibre supporting cast, and the original story is one of the most popular in all of Science Fiction.

Next year, of course, brings Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If the title is indicative, I am "marking out" already. Total fan-boy . . .
Oh man I totally forgot about Ender's Game, hell yes. I really hope they do Cap more justice next movie. His debut movie(The First Avenger) felt sooooooo rushed to me. Like they just needed to get it done and over with before Avengers came out. But yeah, I still have to give it up for Superman; I was raised on the guy so it kind of feels like I HAVE to go see it.

Oh yeah, Guardians of the Galaxy too, I'm so glad Comic Book movies became amazing, Nice to see whole new generations being exposed to the stories I grew up on.
Yup, Ender's game it is. Excited about seeing how they handle the battle room.

I really wish that someone would adapt Neuromancer to the big screen but I suppose that The Matrix already stole it's thunder(and ideas!)
The Purge looks fantastic! Clever story premise with a good old classic horror movie set-up of being trapped with the gribblies after ya!
Man of Steel looks like it is going to be a great movie when it comes out. I have already seen the Greats Gatsby and I have to say that i though the movie was pretty good for the most part. I was impressed by the cast and the acting.
For any fan of sci-fi, I just found out that a movie adaptation of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash is in the works. Can't wait for this one!
Went and saw After Earth at a sneak preview at my local theatre last night. As much as I wanted to love it, I just couldn't get over their lack of explanation for a bunch of things, too many plot holes. Even with all that though I still did enjoy it, but not as much as I would of hoped :(. I'd say it's a 6/10.
Yeah . . . terrible reviews and a dismal opening weekend. DVD release by Labour Day? Just caught up on the remaining Man of Steel trailers . . . the more I see the more I like. Really starting to think this one could be the biggest DC film yet.

Daughter insists that I mention Thor: the Dark World. Apparently she is looking forward to ogling Chris Hemsworth. Which is only fair, because I get to watch Natalie Portman and Lady Sif.
So, I watched Man of Steel on the weekend. With the possible caveat that they could have edited out about 20 minutes worth of CGI excess, or at least replaced it with more expository plot and character development, this was a great addition to the genre. Easily the second best of the DC movies, behind only Dark Knight. Rates up there with Captain America in my books.
I saw the commercial the other day another die hard movie is coming out
It was World War Z for me and I really enjoyed it though it wasn't as good as I expected.

Besides that I still have to watch the new movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The new Die Hard was awful.

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