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Nov 4, 2014
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Cambridge, ON
Alt title: moose shows the depth of his depravity.

It's been a while so time to update my cash sets. Current count is 13 different sets. I have one more in progress but parts of it are at Courage's in Louisville and I won't get those until Nov.

So here we go:

In racks








In stacks:






Desert Sands


250 $0.25
200 $1
100 $5
100 $10 (Custom, only 2 racks of these exist)

The set that started it all. It also reflects the stakes I was playing at the time, lots of quarters, only 1 rack of $5s. Got them free from the old pokersourceonline promo from Nevada Jacks. The custom $10s I found from a tip I got from chiptalk after I joined there in May, 2007.

What I like about this set: Classic look. My only ceramics. They were free!



100 $0.25 MotorCity
300 $1
200 $5 mint
80 $25 mint
20 $100

Retrospectively the most expensive eBay purchase ever, because I got drunk and bid on these from TheChipRoom. After I received these and found the mint $5s and $25s, it started me down a path to wallet hell.

What I like about this set: My first casino Paulsons. The $1s, are the most worn of any of my casino sets but they are full of leady goodness and have that soft buttery feel.

Mixed Cash Set


100 $.10 SilverCity
100 $.25 Outpost
100 $.50 Aztar
300 $1 Aztar
300 $5 Silver Palace
100 $10 Happy Knights
20 $20 Palais des Congress

My goto, most versatile cash game set. I can spread almost anything with this set.

What I like about this set: All mint, all TH&C mold, all textured shaped inlays, all red denoms, except the $20s. The $5s are fairly rare. I'm really proud of this mixed set.

Travel Set


100 Empress 'L' roulettes
300 $1 Aztar pri
200 $5 Aztar sec
30 $25 sec mint
40 $100 sec mint

This is the set I throw into a 600 chip carrier and bring with me because I put this set together on the cheap, most of the chips are used so I don't care if random players I don't know beat on them or if I lose one or two, since I have a few spares. The 'L' roulettes make great $.50 chips, since L is 50 in roman numerals.

What I like about this set: It was cheap. The 70 mint chips probably cost almost as much as all the used chips in the set. Perfect travel set.

Mark Twains (original)


100 $.50
200 $1
300 $5
20 $25

All mint. I bought the $25s first many years ago from thechiproom. I managed to get the rest in a good deal on chiptalk a few years ago. The $5s have a very suble orange spot that is hard to see in any photo.

What I like about this set: I always admired the spot progression and choice of simple inlay and nice colours in this set.



120 $.25 Fitzgeralds
200 $1
250 $5 mint
20 $25 mint

I call this my met gold set. Met gold in every chip but the $25s. I cherry picked the best 200 $1s out of about 500. I sold the leftovers at a profit as they $1s suddenly became very high in demand which brought the cost of this set down to a fairly reasonable amount.

What I like about this set: met gold! Textured shaped inlays.

Crystal Park



200 $.50 Lumiere Place
500 $1 (200 mint)
314 $5
42 $25 Grand Opening
9 $25 Pri
9 $25 Sec
10 $100

I put this set together over many years. A testament to the fact that with patience you can put together a Crystal Park set for a fairly reasonable price.

What I like about this set: cali colours! Oversized hundos. Large enough to spread two tables.

Olivias Mixed Set


100 $.25 Motor City
200 $1 Olivia's
200 $5 Tukwila mint
40 $25 Grand Vic mint

Another mixed set but obviously the star of this set is the Olivia's.

What I like about this set: Olivia's! The set is well matched with dark smooth inlays and RHC mold.

Terribles - Mark Twain


100 $.50
300 $1
330 $5
40 $25
30 $100

My second set of chips from the same casino! Hard to believe this casino went out of business twice and both times the chips came for sale through thechiproom. A good sized healthy set and you can see how my stakes has moved up through the years from my Desert Sands set.

What I like about this set: All mint, amazing colours (except the $25s but I got them just to keep the set complete). Tri-moon spots on the $1s.




120 $.25 Apache custom
200 $.50
1500 $1
400 $5
60 $25
20 $100
20 $500
40 $20 plaques
20 $100 plaques

The set I lost my mind on. I knew this was coming from thechiproom and went all in on this set. It wasn't cheap but I knew I wanted it and I could get the massive quantities needed for any kind of game. This is the set we use for all limit games and obviously I can spread multiple tables with this set. I included the $25, $100 and $500 just for completeness, but for cash games we use the plaques.

What I like about this set: All mint. Great colours and spots. Shaped textured inlays. My only casino set that I actually played at before it went busto.

Mixed Harbor Lights Set


100 $.25 Jokers Wild
100 $.50 Lakeshore Inn mint
300 $1 Ballys mint
200 $5 Harbor Lights
100 $25 Harbor Lights (60 pictured)
20 $100 Harbor Lights mint
20 $500 Harbor Lights mint

This set is still in progress. It's not great. The molds don't match and the Ballys inlays are smooth but the Harbor Lights are textured. It has elements of a future hotstamped set, a future Vegas set and my Harbor Lights. The $5s and $25s are super rare. I had the hundos and $500s for years but could never find out what happened to the $5s and $25s. All I managed to get was one of each for a sample set. Finally a couple years ago, 'the source' put up some racks of $5s and $25s and I was able to complete the collection.

What I like about this set: the rare Harbor Lights chips

TRK Riverside/Reno set



60 $.10 Palace Club (1960s)
100 $.25 Riverside (1962)
100 ND Jessie Becks Riverside (1971)
200 $1 Nevada Club (1964)
404 $5 Riverside (1963)
20 $100 Pick Hobson's Riverside mint (1978)
2 $5 Error chips

Considering the age of this set (TRK Reno chips from the 60s, and 70s) it is unbelievable that I put together a playable set in under a month. It was a dream to have a TRK casino set with the age and history like this but there wasn't much use in spending the money to collect bits and pieces with no real hope of a playable set. However, the Jessie Beck's came up in a large find on eBay very shortly after DavidP acquired a large set of Riverside $5s. Fortunately he still had some available and I put those chips together with the $1s and $100s after a quick call to Spinettis in Vegas. Unfortunately the ND chips didn't go great with the black quarter pies in the $1s though it was playable. Then DavidP put the quarters and dimes up for sale on pokerchipforum and boom, the set was perfect. I found some $5s yesterday that I hadn't cleaned yet and as I was cleaning them I found a second error chip. Woot!

What I like about this set: The age, the history, TRKs. Old school Reno. Quarter pies. What's not to LOVE about this set?



100 $.25 Custom labels
400 $1
340 $5
40 $25
20 $100

I was done collecting cash sets. When these first came up for sale last May I resisted. The last of them came up for sale last Nov and I knew it was my last chance to pick them up. I had a good year at the tables so I figured I had earned them. Nice colours, dark inlays, simple spot pattern.

What I like about this set: one of the very few Canadian casino cash sets available and by far the best condition of any of them.

The Remnants


100 $.25 Virgin River
100 $1 Terribles St. Jo pri
100 $1 Terribles St. Jo sec
100 Grand Vic
32 $20 Outpost
20 $25 Tropicana
30 $25 Regency Cruises
20 $100 Highway 9
40 $25 Terrible St. Jo sec
20 $100 Terrible St. Jo sec

There's got to be a future cash set in here somewhere...

Other stuff

My cut cards


Dealer buttons:





Personal wall plaques I had made up:




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Awesome pics (I mean PRON). I'm just surprised the table legs didn't collapse under the weight! My Desert Sands custom $10 chips were on yellow (set sold long ago).
Incredible collection.
youre a sick sonnava bitch you know that :)

how many tables you run usually
That is seeck sir. Truly a collection to be proud of.

Didn't you used to have a lot more Harbor Lights 500s? What happened to 'em? That may be my favorite casino chip evar (definitely in the top 3) - if I ever get a CPC tourney set done, the 500 will be based on that color combo for sure.
I have over two racks of the Harbour Lights $500s and about six racks of hundos but this is not all my chips. Just the cash chips. ;)

circa 2008

Outstanding moose, simply outstanding.

I have a very similar mixed cash set (core of 25c Outpost, $1 Aztar, $5 Silver Palace), all great chips.

If you ever decide to sell/buy Regency $25's, I'm your guy.
Nice! Thanks for sharing.
Fabulous display, Moose! Well done. Some great sets there. I miss my PCA $5s!
Omg... I think I wet my pants. The sheer volume moose... and I had seen different pics of these before. I'm never prepared for it. Those crystal park colors are so vivid.
That is a very impressive level of sickness. If you ever , ever decide to sell those MT secondaries to help fund your next CPC order, I'm your guy.
I think I see some of my Empress set on your'd you get those $1s from me? And those $5's?
Wow, impressive doesn't do it justice! I'm glad you put together that Riverside set. It's hard to believe I only have a small sample set of them left.
wow, beautiful, I know the work involved, thanks for taking the time. A few things stand out in my mind. Those Silver City dimes would look better in one of my sets... ship it. And the mixed harbor lights set looks incredible. Those Bally's dollars are beautiful with the harbor 5's and great colors on the fracs
Sick, just absolutely Sick...SICK SICK SICK........

You have a very nice set...uh....SET'S... Very nice collection....

Hey, I recognize some of the pics on that Vegas wall plaque. :)

Really awesome collection. I think it's great that Fran shares your passion.
Simply bad ass - unreal - made my day to view these - if you ever sell your Crystal Parks please reach out to me - they would come to a great home . I think the posters you printed also rock !! Great stuf Moooooose !!!
beautiful collection, moose. my favorites (based on aesthetics, not value) are the Tukwilas, the Twains, and the Harbor Lights.

i swear if those Harbor Lights chips were available in quantity, i'd have a huge collection. i wouldn't even mind mixing unmatched $1s to get those $5s and quarters. love them.
Great sets... I love looking at the first pics and then trying to figure out what each are... then you walked us through it. Good times, good times.
Amazing collection of chips!

If you feel like getting rid of those secondary Terrible's St Jo 1's I'd be interested in them. Those were always my favorite St Joseph 1 dollar chip.
My first impression is holy shit!! Now that's a chip collection. Awesome and thanks for taking the time to snap and post.

But then, the further I got into the pronage, I started getting pissed. That's where all the chips I want/need are. Please share the wealth and post a WTS ad soon. :)

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