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Dec 5, 2013
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Deutschland, Köln.
how do you think it possible to mix different Moulds ??


how does it look? anyone can upload pictures ??
it all depends on what you like and if you will tolerate it.

I would not mix molds ever in a set. Slightly different inlays sure (my terribles are like this)
A coupe of stellar casino sets that are mixed-mold immediately come to mind:

President Casino on the Admiral (all are THC mold except for the $1 RHC chips, both primary and secondary)
Casino Aztar Caruthersville (all are THC mold except for the $5 RHC chips with giant inlay, both primary and secondary set)

And several TCR recent releases contained oversize chips that were IHC while the rest of the set was RHC: Casino Aztar Evansville (primary and secondary), Par-A-Dice Casino, etc.

I'm sure there are many others; it's not uncommon for casinos to mix molds, or even chip manufacturers.
I know .. but how they look together .. ?? with different Molds?

The real question is how bad is your OCD?

THC+RHC as a combo work just fine in my eye. I have PCA's with the RHC $1 chips and the Paulson Suits mold as $0.25 with THC as the $5. It doesn't bother me and none of my players have ever mentioned it.
Definitely secondary Empress Casino $5 chips. They usually photograph more blue than irl.





guys, I do not know what chip was redesigned ...
these photos I received from the seller, that would show that the chips have different Mold ...

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I also thought about this question all morning ... ..
we are all crazy .. ;)

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When I created the theme I had in mind Aztar indiana Secondary (5 25 100 500)
and Aztar Missoury 1
will they look good together ??
I really thought my PCA secondary cash set (w/ Blue Chip quarters) was going to tilt me beyond belief but it didn't. I never gave it a second thought.

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