Mint Condition Paulson Pharaohs for sale (1 Viewer)


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Mar 16, 2016
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Austin, TX 78758, United States
Paulson Pharaohs

We have been holding these back.
Mint condition never been used and barely touched. They are incredible
Original boxes that they were shipped in.
Sold in 5 Chip Increments. $20 for 5 chips.

The breakdown
50 Blues
300 Whites
299 Reds
299 Greens - 294 Left
300 Black . - 295 left
99 Purples - 94 left
50 Oranges - SOLD
Total Chips - 1397


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my OCD is just wondering what happened to the last 3 chips :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
If they're split up, I'll take the orange 1000's

I am using up all of the self control I have not to snap buy the whole set.

Only selling the whole set until black friday.

After that we will piece it out but the price per chip will go up.

Shipping outside the US will raise the shipping price.

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