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Aug 23, 2013
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Claysmith Milano Poker Chips
Solid Clay (no metal slug insert) 10g.

Most are brand new in plastic wrap (never used). Some are like new, being oiled and played a few times.

575 Red $5 chips
200 Green $25 chips

775 Total Chips for $140 + $12 shipping (= $.18/chip)
Retail $.32/chip = $250

If these don’t sell as a set, I might break them up in multiples of 20 or 25.
Individual lots of 100+ = $.21/chip + $6 shipping
Individual lots of 200+ = $.20/chip + $12 shipping

*racks not included. Shipping to the Cont US only for now. Any PayPal fees are responsibility of buyer.

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Nice collection. Just curious if the racks are included.
Thanks Tommy

Racks are not included. That price is pretty stellar, so I can't include racks.

Heres my entire collection. As you can see, I have waaaay to many reds and greens. Need to liquidate them.

Would consider a trade for other denoms.

In need of 100, 500, 1k, 5k and 10k chips

Just FYI, you might want to clarify that these are "China Clays" (or compression molded plastic chips). You're correct that they don't have a slugged insert but that doesn't automatically make them "clay". When most people in the chip community hear "clay" chips they think of Paulson, ASM, or BCC chips. I know, I know....most people know what these are but I would hate for you to sell these and have the buyer be disappointed because his expectations weren't met.
Gracias. Good point, and you've notified folks for me

Sold off a bunch of reds and the greens.

Remaining 200+ red $5 chips, NIW. Still in their plastic wrapped barrels
Still have these for sale.

260-275 of the reds. As you can see, 200 are still in their plastic wrappers. I haven't seen any of the ones I received in this batch coming with the mismatched labels (as some have reported), so hopefully this batch was good. However, these ARE new in wrapper, so I haven't looked at ALL of them, lol.


$0.18 each plus shipping. Hesse are new. Selling for 50% off retail.
I'd be on these if I were starting another set.

BTW, you can mark your thread status PRICE Reduced if you like. The thread title will stand out more. :)

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