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SOLD Microstakes Ceramic Set (600 Chips) (1 Viewer)

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Oct 11, 2020
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Orlando, FL
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So I messed up. One year ago, I found myself where many a chipper finds themselves in their life - addicted, spiraling deeper into the hobby and rabid for more chips. I was 4 months into the hobby and buying chips left and right. Then I discovered the magic of customization and before I knew it I was making more and more custom sets. Without thinking I was slapping my name on everything from cut cards to pez dispensers (ok not really, but it’s a cool thought). In the midst of my craze I purchased a 600 piece set of textured 39mm ceramics from Anita using the “Aces” design. It didn’t occur to me that I now owned 9 sets, of which 3 were ceramic.

Now listen - I know your name is probably not Jordan. But hear me out. I am willing to sell you a 600 piece set of ceramic, edge-aligned beauties that have only hit the felt 3 or 4 times for $150 shipped. They are practically new. They feel amazing. They stack well and make that most pleasing of sounds when you shuffle them. Perhaps you’re a new chipper who wants a quality set that’s big enough to cover a variety of stakes. Maybe you’re a broke student like me looking to spread a $10 buy-in game with your friends. Whoever you are, these are great chips.

And if you’re hung up on them saying “Jordan’s,” if you buy them I’ll write you a story to tell your friends about how “Jordan’s” was a bar you used to go back in the day and how you won these chips in a poker game against Kenny rogers and he personally sang you “The Gambler” as you felted him and then in exchange for keeping the story of his horrible beat a secret he convinced the bar to give you their chips. Or something like that.

Anyway, $150 shipped for 600 chips with the following breakdown:

175 x 5 cents
175 x 25 cents
175 x $1
50 x $5
25 x $25




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