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Jul 6, 2018
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I am offering up a MINT microstakes HSI set. The nickels are overlabled hsi snappers. The quarters are real hsi quarters. This is a very unique set and I am only selling because my game has grown in stakes and I can't justify keeping these nickels. Just kidding like everyone else I had chip packages arrive lately and promised my wife a similar number of chips would exit my vault. I don't really want these to sell but posting this thread allows me to tell my wife “I tried”. Priced accordingly.

Anyone who tries to negotiate with my wife will be instabanned from my listings. She already suspects what I am up to so don't even think about telling her.

This set is perfect for the person that wants to have a set worth multiples of the bank it represents.

$3,000 shipped in the USA. PPFF or zelle

International shipping at cost and risk of buyer and I'm not lying on custom forms.

Asshats permitted but you have to pay a $25 more.

Thanks for looking!!

I saw the set and was hoping it was listed for cheap because I wanted to buy it.

Then I saw the price and thought “wow he really doesn’t want to sell it”.

Then I read the listing more carefully and saw that there’s two real HSI frac racks in there, which as I understand are exceedingly rare and go for about $1k a rack. So this actually is a reasonable price!

(Feel free to use this post to defend yourself to your wife if she accuses you of not really trying).
Too bad there is not many poker clubs that let you bring sets that you obviously have to bring home with you to allow disguised chips to be brought in.....this works great when you stop at the gun store on the way home from the range.

Hopefully your diligent efforts can satisfy your wife.
NO! I'm not hsi about this, at all!! You can't just post a set like this and then not REALLY make them available... that's just cruel. SERENITY NOW!!
Absolutely amazing breakdown for a nickle/dime game... y'all act like this price is insane... but price a rack of those "real" original quarters by themselves! Good luck because they DO NOT change hands often at all!

Lots of folks are happy with throwing a label.on a cheaper chip... but there are people out there that Pay an absolute premium for real fracs that match their set!

God Luck woth the Sale Pat... maybe Cray cray a little... I think I would have tried to find something else to let go of! Haha

Your chipping brother
I have priced them, and I hope it sells at this price, makes mine more valuable. But, he was correct when he said he was pricing them at an "I don't care if they sell" price.
But, he was correct when he said he was pricing them at an "I don't care if they sell" price.

Don’t say that too loudly!!! No need to get him in trouble with Mrs . Highli.

But it may be too late.
Some wives have a kind of chip radar that alerts them when there is an imbalance in the Chipping Universe. I call it the Chip Force…..

She may already know strange things are afoot on his sales thread.

Great chips.
Someone should buy this before I do...I don't even need it, I have a couple of HSI sets, but, for some reason I feel like I need this one as well. Please save me from myself!
Huh? You mean get rid of chips?? Get away from me with that crazy talk!!


You send me $3000.
Then I’ll buy those chips, not you.
And hey! I’ll even send you $1000!!!
So you won’t be getting rid of any chips, and you won’t be buying these chips
Not only that, but you’ll making an easy $1000.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
As a new guy around here, is there a broad enough of a market where there would be opportunities to add to this set (more of the same and/or additional denominations)?
Yes, at very different prices. The ones are widely available and inexpensive. The fives are widely available but $425ish a rack.

The pink snappers exist but I can’t recall seeing them for sale previously. A wanted add might draw some out of hiding.

The quarters are out there but the most expensive part of this set.

Heck, I’ll sell your more fives if you want them. I also have 25s and 100s of you really want an insane bank for a micro set
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