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Nov 9, 2014
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Hello Chippers,

after a long absence meatboy is back at the new place to be and says hello to everyone!

have a great sunday evening (or morning in australia :) )
Hey buddy, great to see you over here so fast.

Hope Anne and the kids are good...nice to see you again last saturday !

Greets T.

Ps. go dust off that HS-machine :)
Yippikaijeee, my friend. Welcome back to chipworld [emoji4]
Hey boys, thanks for the kind words.
@Tom: jap, it was awesome to see you after such a long time. Sorry again for the family-noise :)
@Pasi: :) :)
@Josh :yes, everything is great actually. Family performs perfectly. How went recovery?
@brains: thanks a lot, I'm doing great!

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