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Jul 23, 2018
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who has ordered from them and how is customer service?

what is the general average price per chip/ anybody have a price sheet breakdown?

the new marble base effect anyone ventured into this body color on here and have pictures?
Customer service has been great. I would contact Roxana and ask for prices. They vary with moulds. Also, art fees can be costly... I went with one decal design and used outer ring denominations. Shipping is also a factor, I think my shipping was around $500 for 3500 chips. Feel free to pm me, I can dig out my old emails.
shes been amazing! yes shipping is absurd right now and im not sure how customs is handling stuff last package ive got from overseas was 5 weeks behind. so i think im going to hold off for a few weeks.
Get some 50mm Matsui chips! :) Inner ring text for the blind.


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