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Cancelled Mark Twain Cash Set (1 Viewer)

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Jun 2, 2018
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It is that weird time between the end of the NFL season and the beginning of the MLB season. Looking for a little excitement and possible spring cleaning.

The Mark Twain are a nostalgia favorite of mine but also first up on the proverbial chopping block. Hoping to trade for another set of a similar vein in terms of rarity, even a tournament set. I usually find these type of mystery trade threads funny so hope you bear with me here. Not for sale. Splits only if all chips are accounted for and a trade is in place. Cash can be added or subtracted to balance out value.

101 x 50c
201 x $1
301 x $5
101 x $25
51 x $100
All chips are near mint/mint.


Show me what you got!
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