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Not Mine Lot of 96 NEW Paulson 66.7mm Chip Racks (P.N. 24010-CLR) (1 Viewer)


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Mar 23, 2013
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Hell of deal! .83 per rack! Free shipping too! I picked up one lot. :)

Lot of 96 NEW Paulson 66.7mm Clear Acrylic Poker Chip Racks (P.N. 24010-CLR)

Just an update. These are not Paulson racks as advertised. Not sure who makes them but that are not the cheap flimsy ones either. They are slightly bigger than 66.7mm too. A barrel of uncirculated Paulsons are a tad bit loose in them. The seller offerred me a partial refund to keep them OR the option to just return them for a refund. Unfortunately I'd have to pay to ship them back so I opted for the partial refund and kept them.

I decided that I will use them for giveaway prizes since I don't need that many anyway.

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