Looking for recommendation of towns to visit between Fairhope and Daytona Beach (1 Viewer)


Nov 30, 2018
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Montreux - Switzerland

Now that covid flight restrictions are lifted, I can plan my next trip for 2022.
The big picture is to rent a motorbike in Nashville and be at Daytona Week on march 11th and 12th, then take the flight back to Geneva from Orlando

I'm actually looking for interesting spots like nice towns, sights , roads, best BBQ and anything exciting between Fairhope and Daytona Beach.
I have roughly 2 day to cover the 500 miles between Fairhope and Daytona Beach and I'm the kind of person that prefers visit Natchez or Baton-Rouge than New Orleans ( I don't like big cities)

What are your recommendations? What is the "must see" that I must do during those 2 days?

If you like nice beaches, Panama City is one of the best. The problem is that your travel dates are during our colleges' and universities' "Spring Break", which means Florida will be a zoo, with beach towns crowded beyond belief. The first two weeks of March are the very worst of the year to be anywhere near a Florida beach, especially along the Florida panhandle.

Otherwise, for traveling from Fairhope to Daytona, my only recommended stop would be St. Augustine, which is a really nice town with great restaurants, shopping, an old fortress, and beautiful dinner or sunset cruises.

If you don't like big cities, you're going to really love Daytona Week. :cool:cool:cool

(But you might reconsider regarding New Orleans. It's an awfully unique place with incredible food...)
Thanks for the heads up regarding Spring Break...
Fairhope, Panama City beach , Apalachicola by the Gulf coast road seem to be a nice option

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