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Sep 16, 2019
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Hello everyone, back after a while of enjoying my Royals tourney set for more :tup:

I'm looking for a cash set- we've tried using the T500 tourney Royals but it's not really our style and I'd like to see what you all have for sale.

I really like the Royals, so a micro stakes set or $1 set (~300-500 chips) of Majestics/Royals would be perfect. However, I'm totally open to seeing what you all have as long as it is close to the budget ($150-200) or you'd be willing to trade for my Royal set (I can provide all the info if there is interest).

Thanks everyone! Stay healthy.
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I’ve got a 500 piece set of Tiki Kings. Only have $5, $10, $25, $100 denominations.

Thanks for the reply, I'll keep you in mind! Preferably looking for a $1 game- that's my bad for not including that in the original post. I've updated it.
What does your tournament set look like? I have this small set that might work.

I have 300 x casino used $1 Paulson that I've been using for OFCP. I could let them going affordably, but you'd have to find your own $5's, $25's etc.
I'd prefer to buy a complete set. Thanks for the reply though!

What does your tournament set look like? I have this small set that might work.

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My tournament set is 425 chips:
$500 - 100
$1000 - 100
$5000 - 100
$25,000 - 100
$100,000 - 25

Really want to find another set of Royals/Majestics but I might just end up having to buy new. Thanks for showing me what you have- I'll keep you in mind :)
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