Wanted Looking for 30 1st Edition Lake Elsinore $100 Chips (10.5g+/chip) (1 Viewer)


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Nov 18, 2021
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Woodinville, WA
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Looking for 30 (technically 29) 1st edition Lake Elsinore $100 chips (the heavy 10.5g+/chip version) to complete a rack of heavy 1st editions. Will purchase 2 barrels if needed. Also have 23 lighter weight Lake Elsinore $100's (between 9.15g/chip and 9.5g/chip) and 6 of the Lake Elsinore $100's with non-shaped inlays (about 9.8g/chip) for trade if needed.

Also have a rack of the lighter weight Lake Elsinore $100's that I would consider trading for a rack of 1st edition Lake Elsinore $100 chips.

Rack I’m looking to fill

Extras available to trade if needed

Rack of newer/lighter version I may trade for a rack of the older/heavy version
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You know you’re a serious chipper when…

…you discover and recognize the weight difference between original chips and a reorder and develop a preference for one over the other. :D

(I’m guilty too. There are at least 30 otherwise identical singles I’ve collected with significant weight differences, sometimes as much as 2.00 grams or more, clearly from different orders/batches. Gimme the heavy chips!)

Good luck with the hunt.

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