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Aug 8, 2013
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A buddy of mine that I play poker with messaged me the other day and asked if I was interested in a free poker table that his sister in law's BF didn't want anymore. Thinking back to some of the ugly tables I've seen I was immediately skeptical. I asked for some pictures but he said it was packed in a storage locker in the back so it was a take it or leave it sight unseen. Decided to gamble so I told my buddy I'd take it.

My buddy came today and dropped it off and to my surprise it is a pretty nice table. It's 48x96. Made from 3/4 wood as the base. Pretty nice folding legs as well (brand new in fact, they still have the wrapping on them). The rail is raised 3 inches and is 6 inches wide with cup holders in it. The guy evidently had a buddy who did upholstery so the stitched the whole rail and did an excellent job. The very top piece where you rest your arms is one piece and then the sides are a couple pieces with really nice baseball stitching. The cupholders are shallow ones but he made it so you could put deep ones in if you want (which I will). The padded playing surface has suede on it which looks nice but I'm not so sure its my style so I will probably remove the rail and recover it with SSC. I'm also going to remove the folding legs and put rubber on the underside so I can place this table on top of my kitchen table.

All in all a heck of a deal (in my humble opinion) for a free table :).

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Damn. That's awesome!! Can't beat free. It's a decent table too.

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Thanks! I decided I'm going to go with the burgandy SSC and while I'm at it I'll have to get new table top foam being I'm assuming the tabletop foam had adhesive sprayed on it and then had the suede put on. Trying to decide if I want to go with 2EO Volara or the 2A Volara closed cell foam from YAT.

Anyone have any experience with either of those foams for playing surface or a different that I should consider?
PM DiamondPokerTables or t_chan from Chanman poker tables. They will know the best choice.

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