SOLD Limit set! Paris $1s and TP $1000 43mm (2 Viewers)

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Aug 20, 2022
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Bay Area, CA
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10 racks of Paris $1s and 1 rack of the yellow TP 43mm 1k.

$2300 shipped for all in US.

$165/rack plus ship for the Paris $1s.
$700 for the TP rack with gear overlabels to Paris $20.

All racks of Paris $1s sold.

4 barrels of TP sold. 1 barrel available ($153/barrel shipped).

Only 20 of the 100 TP chips have been labeled, but all gear labels will be included so you can finish the job. I’m also happy to remove overlabels for you.

Will give 1-2 days to give priority to the whole set selling.

Otherwise dibs what you want. Someone has claim of 5 racks of $1s already though.

Pics coming when I get home.


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Pictures added. All ten racks have been accounted for.

If someone buys the TP rack we can go ahead with the split. Otherwise, someone can snap up the whole set of these Paris $1s that may be no longer made!
Okay in all seriousness, commencing with the split.

All that’s unclaimed is one rack of TP yellow 1k 43mm for $700 or $165/barrel shipped.
Sorry got the pricing confused with the Paris $1s!

Original price quote of $153 shipped to the US.
Okay will split. I only have one barrel with overlabels, will make sure to not send that to anyone unless requested.
I'd take a barrel of the TP. I'd prefer labelled ones because I can use them as a stopgap in my paris set but I'd change the overlabel down the line so I wouldn't need the rest of the sheet. Fine with unlabelled too.
Only 1 barrel of TP left. Does not have labels on them, but happily can include the extra labels if desired for free.
Found there is one chip with some minor damage in the last barrel. Will discount the last barrel to $140 shipped.
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