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Game Played on 22th Oct 2022

Playing at $1/$1 ($1/1$/$2/$4 after straddle) Stake NLH
Using Jack Cincinnati Set with Trefl Cards

In for $200 Out for $652


Current PCF Status
12 Sessions In +$2,234 SGD (appx $1,578 USD)
Spending tracker -$144.46 USD

(last updated 102222)

What is your total profit or loss since your first post on keeping track?
I updated / tally the Numbers on the first post after each session

There’s a session where I won $1000 that accounted for half the winnings while the other 11 session is $1200 so I averaging about + $110 per session which is decent
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Game Played on 24th Oct 2022

Playing online at 10/20c Euro Stake NLH
It's our usual PCF Chippers casual online game at Pokernow, got a couple new players that joined us yesterday and we had a Full Ring Table

One of the funniest session I had and the new Discord Chat worked much better too

In for $40 Out for $152.20
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Game Played on 29th Oct 2022

Playing at $1/$1 and $1/$1/$2 Stake NLH
Using Jack Cincin Set with Copag Cards

Joined an co-host game, was doing well early in the session but ultimately end up losing 2 buy-in which I decided to call it a day

Variance and Cooler plus bluffing at a bad timing play a part all in a losing session

In for $400 Out for $0
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Game Played on 6th Nov 2022

Playing online at 10/20c Euro Stake NLH
It's our usual PCF Chippers casual online game at Pokernow, with a couple players that I only played with yesterday for the first time, making it a 8 person table.

Was having cold deck for most the session yesterday but I felt I played well overall. Made quite a few right discipline fold and probably save at least the rest of my stacks twice if not more.

So I am happy to end the session with just a small loss.

In for $40 Out for $29.70
i like the change of chips weekly, and incredible organization of post formats lol.
much appreciated.
great chip sets, too.
Thanks you, I appreciated the comments

I had some regulars who also appreciated the changes / rotations as well. And some who are just happy to be playing poker.

I just happy to see the chips in play
Game Played on 11th Nov 2022

Playing at 50c/$1 NLH with $1 BBA
Using Opus Casino Set with Modiano Card

Co-host game, played really well and hit some really good flop. Despite only getting Pocket Kings once (which i got almost max value from it) and AK three time throughout the whole 7ish hour session

I also 3! 45suited preflop and flopped a wheel and also gotten max value after I fast played my hands

Was doubled as a dealer today for half the time so I didn’t have the chance to take any stack pics

IN for $300 Out for $750


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Game Played on 15th Nov 2022

Playing at 50c/$1 Stake NLH with $1 BBA
Using BTP 43mm CM Set with Guild Cards

Had a very quiet first half, i do manage to fold my Jacks when my UTG raise was 3! by the CO & 4! by the SB. As expected, One is holding Aces and the other is holding Kings :cautious:

Topped up another $100 to the stack and manage to get a double up shortly after when I flopped a flush vs a set, and it went all smoothly after that

In for $200 Out for $638
Game Played on 25th Nov 2022

Playing at $1/$1 Stake NLH
Using HHR HS Solid Set with Faded Spade V3 Cards

Tough night, keep running poorly and got rivered on numberous time

Almost right back to even at one point but just couldn’t squeeze out a winning session

In for $800 out for $660
Love the setup and stack pics, but we need some shots of hands in progress!
Love the setup and stack pics, but we need some shots of hands in progress!
Thanks. I mostly is the dealer in my home games as well so I rarely am free to take photo of hands.

So usually the free time I have to take photos is when I taking a quick break or at the end of session
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Game Played on 2nd Dec 2022

Playing at $1/$1 Stake NLH
Brought my HHR HS Solid Set with Faded Spade V3 Cards as a guest set

Was running cold early on and never won a pot for the first hour.

Chips bleed down from $200 to $91 before a crazy orbit of hands happened in quick sequence.

Double up to $200 and shortly 2 hands later double up to $450 and won an 3 way all in Pot after the next or 2 hands later when my QQ hold vs AK vs KTs and my stack size passed the $1,100 mark

I continued to make some good lay down, some good check & call for the rest of the session and managed to chip up pass $2000 mark, making this my biggest score of my poker home game career

In for $200 Out for $2,001


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What is a set of PCAs like that worth? Getting a set like that would mean so much to me. The President was the first casino I ever went to (at like 11am on my 21st birthday). Won like $150 playing 4/8 and went there several times a week for the next few years till it closed. I'd be willing to bet that I've touched the majority of those 1s and 5s.
You need to post this in the Brag Thread! Haha

In for $200 Out for $2,001
:ROFL: :ROFLMAO: Here is kinda my own Brag thread or Hall of Shame thread, depending on how I run

What is a set of PCAs like that worth?
The Set I currently own is the primary used set which the $5 might be too worn for some chippers, but for your reference I paid about $2/chip on average for my primary set and I gotten the $100 plaques instead to add on to the set as the $100 are kinda rare and expensive to get (I seem they are sold at $10 to $15/chip and I will need around 2 barrels of them)

A secondary set which the condition are much minter are going to cost quite a few thousands for a set depending on your breakdown

Getting a set like that would mean so much to me. The President was the first casino I ever went to (at like 11am on my 21st birthday)
That will mean a lot, wish you luck on finding one.

That not often many PCA turnkey set that are available for sales. One might need to source a few venues to get the ideal breakdown.
Game Played on 7th Dec 2022

Playing at 50c/$1 Stake NLH with $1 BBA
Using Majestic Star Set with Dal Negro Cards

Finally hosting a Cash Game today as it been kinda hard for the group to get together since it’s the World Cup Month.

In for $200 Out for $459
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Game Played on 09 Dec 2022

Playing at $1/$1 Stake NLH
Played with Regency Chipco Set with Slowplay V2 Cards

Half the field is new to me, have to adapt a lot during the second half of the session.

Down early on, have to topped up an additional $100 to the original $200 buyin. Won the biggest pot and triple up when my Boat held vs another Boat vs Flush

Also, point to self. I will be in the market for a good condition Chipco Cash Set to add on to my collection

In for $300 Out for $734
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Anybody know if there are any playable sets of these Biloxi Grand Chipcos?


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Game Played on 16th Dec 2022

Playing at $1/$1 Stake NLH
Using B&G Golden Palace Set with Stateman Cards

Up a bit at the start and it went downwards after that. Lost a huge All In when my KK got cracked by QT

Tried to run it out but combination of cold deck and not hitting my draw just mean not a desirable session for me

In for $600 Out for $243
Game Played on 20th Dec 2022

Playing at $1/$1 Stake NLH
Using PCA Primary Set with Modiano Cards

It look like my bad run might be coming to the end when I started to run good toward the end of the session

Manage to turn a Quad 8 in the final Bomb pot and double up my winnings

The recent bad run change my playing style a bit and I excerise some pot control and play way less aggressive with my medium hands. I manage to avoid max destruction when I got cooler in one hand when my Tri Q vs a Boat

I also Fold AQo during pre-flop which is a new thing to me as I trying to play a more passive style in order to counter my running bad

In for $400 Out for $789

Game Played on 23th Dec 2022

Playing at 50c/$1 Stake NLH
Using Jumers Set with Fournier Cards

Had a session with the local PCFers :) & I was running really good. Won all 7 of my all in and even cracked an overpair rivering a Jack Quad, also I flopped a Boat on the bomb pot which always make them easier to play

In for $100 Out for $320.50

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