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Aug 10, 2020
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SF Bay Area, RWC
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Greetings all! For some reason I keep buying things for a possible relabel set even though I keep telling myself I will never put one together. Bought these at the original LE sale because of how awesome they are and on the slight chance I would do one. As usual…after a “cooling off” period sanity got the better of me so I am releasing these back into the wild at original TCR prices (receipt included to show price paid). These are just as they came from TCR, casino used and in excellent condition. Although since I am not a chip grader please view pics carefully before purchasing. I'd be happy to send additional pics upon request. I would also consider trades for items in my signature.

$149.80 + $5 first class shipping or $9 priority mail. My responsibility ends once the package is dropped at USPS. Can combine shipping with other items that I have for sale.

PPFF only (due to Paypal's new rules and regulations My feedback should speak for itself. If you feel you need to do goods and services this is not the right purchase for you.

First response in the thread has priority. "Dibs" (if you want them) or "PMing" (if you have questions).
Post in the thread before sending a PM, so that others can tell if still available.
"Dibs" means you are making a solid commitment to buy, at the posted price. Releasing is reneging.
Send follow up PM with your info if you "Dibs."

Thanks for looking!

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