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Nov 2, 2014
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No more racks, but a few barrels left of BTP 43mm. All are mint / never seen the felt.

I have the following:

T25 - 100 GBP/barrel plus shipping (4 barrels available 3 barrels left)
T500 - 130 GBP/barrel plus shipping (3 barrels available)
T25k - 250 GBP/barrel plus shipping (2 barrels available)






Prices in GBP (not USD) at the top of the thread!

Items located in the UK, will ship internationally.

PP F&F only (please be aware this means currency conversion fees if you're not in the UK).

T25 is a stock pic but it's the same chips / never been used / minty / chalky. Sorry, pure laziness on my part!

Any questions, please message me. :)
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I’m sure these are out of my price range, and I may have missed it, but I didn’t see a price. GLWS
Sorry, to be clearer...

3 barrels of the T25 left
3 barrels of T500
2 barrels of T25k
Prices amended on the T500 and T25k. My math sucks a phat one
Price drop. Considering offers via pm if anybody's wanting multiple barrels :)
Special Christmas discount.

One buyer can take all 8 remaining barrels (3 x T25; 3 x T500; 2 x T25k) for 750 GBP shipped as long as I'm shipping to one person/destination*

That's under 100 GBP per barrel, including 2 barrels of hard-to-come-by T25k!

*free shipping does not apply if you live on the moon, or at the south or north pole**

**if you live at the north pole and you're Santa, I'll consider a trade for toys (I have not been a good boy this year)
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