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May 18, 2013
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I was playing Full House Poker on my 360, and was having a lot of fun taunting the other players because of the "chip tricks" I have unlocked. Your character does things like roll the chip around his knuckles, flick them around and catch them, etc. But it got me thinking, its anybody out there the... Michael Jackson of chip tricks? Anybody got any moves?
haha Milo, that's any easy trick to learn. I can pretty much only shuffle chips and that's about it. I've tried some of the rolling and spin tricks but I just can't get them down.
I've been trying to learn how to roll them around through my knuckles. It just takes a lot of practice, and so far I've got to the point where I drop the chip less...hahaha. Still cool to try, though.
I keep a stack of chips at my computer desk that I mess around with while playing online. I agree they are cool to try but I think the last thing you wanna be doing at a live table is showing off all of your tricks. Just lets your opponents know you spend way too much time at the poker table.

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